Backlinks For Beginners: 3 Easy Link Building Tips To Rank #1 On Google


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  1. whufc2018
    whufc2018 says:

    Hi Ruan good video some really good advice , the problem i was having was that i was buying backlinks and was not getting anywhere, but to put yourself out there like your explained great idea , not an overnight thing so will take some work but i think will be worth it in the end.

  2. The Gaming Baba
    The Gaming Baba says:

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  3. GentleShy Kratos
    GentleShy Kratos says:

    Hi Ruan,
    Should you find my comment pls, help answers some questions.

    First of all kudos for the great job you doing about SEO. I'm new to SEO and basically individual wants to put there niche out there so user can finds it and in turn earn profit.

    I'm into soccer football predictions, literally I don't want to just put my content out there but I want to in turn have it return good profit from reasonable amount of daily traffic.

    Now please answer this question for us all, do having rank on Google really return good income on niche, basically bloggers talk about earning from Google ads, please how does being rank on Google convert positively to earn income on Google ads if click or not,
    (2) Please explain Google ads earning on niche to high number of traffic needed to earn a good amount of income. Many users are confused they just know that bloggers are earning money.

    Reason I ask is I want my niche to be a side income means for me and I want to ensure that I'm on the right path when it comes to SEO and earning… Looking forward to answers. Thanks Ruan


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