How To Outsource SEO Content [NEVER WRITE AGAIN]


Learn more: In this video, I cover exactly how to outsource the most dreaded part about SEO, writing. Free SEO …


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  1. Mark M
    Mark M says:

    Damn dude I was all into it and like yeah this is going to work until right at the end you said "this is all bullshiting you're talking out of your ass" …lol

  2. Norman Jacobs
    Norman Jacobs says:

    Love the videos. I’m currently starting a digital marketing agency specializing in local SEO. There are some specific areas I’m struggling with. Citations, and reading website audit reports and understanding them

  3. Alex Herrera
    Alex Herrera says:

    Great video. I am starting a blog and how do i know if the keywords and questions are too big (high keyword difficulty) to outrank other similar posts in google if i have zero authority in my new website? Do i need to start to outrank something easy first and how do i find those keywords for my outsource blogger without to pay 99 dollars subscription for Ahrefs? Thanks!!!!!

  4. Tejas G
    Tejas G says:

    Hey Ruan, Thanks for great videos. I do watch them regularly. I have a question regarding hiring a writer either on
    Fiverr or iWriter or any other such websites. Instead of hiring such writers, how about article writing software that generates articles based on the parameters you feed. Which one would be better? Because I outsourced such tasks and found that these people also use such software to generate articles and submit. Kindly advice. Thanks in advance!

  5. punit bayad
    punit bayad says:

    Hey Ruan, I am a teenager and want to try rank and rent model in low competition niches. So I can't get a call tracking number but instead want to track clicks on GMB listing. How can I do that? I read on Google but didn't understood. It was about utm code and embedding it….
    Can you explain that or make video please:)


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