My #1 SEO Trick (It's Not What You Think)


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  1. Young Michael
    Young Michael says:

    Yo Im tryna build a brand for my youtube channel, but I make both rap songs and funny videos, idk is that bad for a brand even though theyre sorted out on my channel page?

  2. BillPrestin Esquire
    BillPrestin Esquire says:

    Neil , any advice for health site owners , saw my traffic dive with new update , concerning health and fitness, does this new update mean if you are not an expert or Dr you should not have a health/fitness website??

  3. svntrs
    svntrs says:

    Love this vid and it's true. Because Neil is open and honest, not afraid of being unpolished and replying to comments, I have started supporting him. Now I recommend him to my growing fb group of bloggers. I can totally see over time many of them supporting him too.

  4. sourav kumar
    sourav kumar says:

    I am working with loan dealing company for SEO exucative position.
    1. Suggest me best off page seo tricks for loan keyword.
    2. What will be improvement on page seo.
    3. How can I make brand for my company.
    4. Guide me High quality backlink tips.

  5. Vishal Shevale
    Vishal Shevale says:

    Hello Sir, I have been watching you since April 2018. I absolutely love your content I've learned a lot from you and a lot to be learned. I am wondering if you provide full SEO guide (course) step by step.

  6. Digital Reach Productions
    Digital Reach Productions says:

    I think there is incredible value in what you are saying. The only thing I would have added to that would be to italk about or include your Online Reputation. which is now mandatory and needs to part of all your online marketing today if you want to convert traffic into phone calls, sales, and customers. What're your views about a businesses Online Reputation?

  7. avinash khemwani
    avinash khemwani says:

    Hi Neil, I am preparing for a marketing interview and would love to speak with you about it. I’m definitely not hoping to hear from you but If somehow you get to this message and decide to help out, it would be invaluable to me. I’m doing this cause my recruiter specifically mentioned your name. Fingers crossed.

  8. Sa rah
    Sa rah says:

    hey Neil! I just apply for Google adsence and my web got refused and it shows me following reccomensations,Don't place adds on auto generated page with little to no original content,improve your navigation and as a publisher you must provide unique and relevant content I am really stressed out because my content are original and I have 3 important pages
    here is the link to my web.
    Can you pleaseee review it and help me what improvement should I need?


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