Alex Becker SEO – How To Rank #1 On Google Fast and Easy | Keyword Research

Alex Becker SEO - How To Rank #1 On Google Fast and Easy | Keyword Research


Learn How To Go From $0 To $10k…$100k…$1M Selling Other People’s Products ▻ ◅ How To Rank #1 On Google Fast and …


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  1. KAlbert
    KAlbert says:

    Becker's the man! He was the one who first introduced me to the world of seo and it's heavenly possibilities. He looks so young in this video too lol.

    ***Want amazing results using Becker's favorite seo tactic? Check it out here: http://tiny. cc/26vhzy

  2. Matze Karajanov
    Matze Karajanov says:

    hey you should check consolety, it's a WordPress plugin that matches your content with other consolety users in the consolety network based on title's, your tags category and language. Meaning acquiring backlinks based on your published blog posts all done for you by the consolety network. you can find it in your wordpress section simply by googling for consolety. please reply any feedback

    SEODEVS says:

    I'm another old school keyword finder kind of guy. I never use tools to find keywords, I search google for keywords then check the top results then I research the site for keyword density and backlink anchor text. I have been doing it this way for the past 17 years. Its never failed yet. It just gets more difficult to find the untapped niches 🙁 especially when you have videos like this giving the secrets away 😉


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