Easy $25 A Day Wordpress Website In Less Than 30 Days!


Learn more: https://www.theundergroundsecrets.com/ Want to learn how I made a website earn $25 per day automated? Watch the video above to learn more.


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  1. Ruan M. Marinho
    Ruan M. Marinho says:

    Thanks for watching – The agency is slowing down a little bit so it's time to get back onto the YouTube grind. I know "rank n rent" is a hot topic. Ask any question and i'll answer it right away!

  2. Charles Hoag
    Charles Hoag says:

    Hey Ruan, enjoy your holiday weekend there, and thanks a ton for posting this ever so helpful video! One thing that caught my eye right away was $25/day… no clickbait, BS or Jive Hype going on in the title or the content! Kudos for keeping it Real!

    I've already started a campaign that's getting about a call per day along these lines so this Really helps me tune it up plus plan for another vertical where I'm able to scale per your suggestions. 😜 Do I wish you would produce more videos like this one? HELL YES! So, so packed with value and things I wished I'd known but can still use going down the pike. So what would I like to hear about? This is my thing, lead gen or pay per lead/call so I'm down for anything going deeper on this, not so much agency development, although other simple methods of sideline biz always catches my eye.

    I'm 69 and semi-retired in The Philippines, so I like the passive stance, no boss, going at my own pace. I know, such a lazy butt here, hahaha, but going off to the beach to roast fish or visit a pineapple field to check for ripe ones is just too darned much fun. 🌴🌴🦀🍌🍍🏖️🌄🏝️🌞

  3. Sufyan Khalid
    Sufyan Khalid says:

    Hi Ruan,
    I like your video it really helps me to understand about SEO. I have a question if I want to make a site for rank and rent is necessary to add USA Address to approve Google My business listing or any pathway we can add our site NAP on google? Also what the exact requirements which we see in expire domain please mention us.

  4. Michael Hearmon
    Michael Hearmon says:

    Something I really do not understand about this. Presuming that you are promoting local plumbers in their area, this is already done by high authority websites in UK.

    Websites such as Yell.com and checkatrade.com are already on the top page, plus Google is advertising these plumbers on their listing, so I just can't see how this can work.

  5. nanda kishore
    nanda kishore says:

    Hey Ruan,
    Nice piece of content again..
    I have a doubt on how to create multiple GMB without actually having many locations… Even if we managed to do it.. when people got to know about it, then it can effect negatively..

  6. Deepesh Chavan
    Deepesh Chavan says:

    Hey Raun, great to see u again on video.. can u tell how to rank multiple keyword on map with single GMB account.. for example if i rank for website designers so how can i also rank for seo agency keyword for same???

  7. Everything About Restaurant Customers
    Everything About Restaurant Customers says:

    Watched a second time and took notes. My question is, isn't it better to have a ligament business to do the Google My Business and then you actually buy the domain name for control. If the client ever gets out of control and terminates then you could just relist it with another new client. Do you see an issue with doing it this way or is there a potential problem with relisting it with a new client in Google My Business?

  8. Stephen Holmes
    Stephen Holmes says:

    If you want to hide you address you can select to be a service area. Question, can you build citations for that address and not had the “house number” or would that not work?


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