Happy Together - [Summer Special] Seo Inyoung, Seo Haeyoung, Sin Seongrok & more! (2015.08.13)


Click the “Caption” button to activate subtitle! ———————————————— – Ep.408: [Siblings of Superior Genes Special] On the show today are three sets …


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  1. lama Tany
    lama Tany says:

    is it me or kim shin young is trying to ignore shin sung rok?!

    she is usually more enthusiastic and talks a lot with guests and tells jokes, but she is quiet here !
    Although I thought she would be more enthusiastic because of their history in we got married back then
    they were very close and funny together
    but in this program she is trying hard to make a distance between them even with him being more funny and talkative then the old days when She really seemed to be in love with him

    idk but it seems like she is avoiding direct eye contact with shin sing rok, responding to his jokes and stories and she reacts poorly to the MC introducing him as a part of family

    Or maybe the reason is that she feels sad , especially after he began dating i hope not
    bc that will be so sad

  2. BlackHeart71
    BlackHeart71 says:

    This is the 1st Korean show where a woman can show her tattoos. Wow.  I watched the show because of Sin Seongrok and his brother. I just watched his drama "Thank you" and I think he´s really a very charming person.

  3. fatihah aisyah
    fatihah aisyah says:

    that little sister of seo inyoung should stop touch his hair and cover he face so much cause gurl u re in talk show .u need to speak not cover ur face.if u that shy then dont come.his older sister just perfect for show.

  4. Edo Prawiratama
    Edo Prawiratama says:

    Hi. anyone knows how to download this video full with sub? I used to be able to download the video full with audio and sub with my current browser and add-on, but now the sub cannot be downloaded. Really appreciate your help. I'm a big fan of Happy Together

  5. hime_orenji
    hime_orenji says:

    I was kinda "dazed" from start to end when Oh sibling enter because I think I have see her somewhere until I realize she was doing one of DIY makeup routine (maybe????)…. *you know korean similiar one to another…..

    My family is a mixed Oh siblings and Seo Siblings, so I understand what they did in the past….

  6. 3aco
    3aco says:

    Was that really a family portrait hhahah laughed my ass off about how ridiculous that sounded.. The girls were almost in bikini lol

  7. Nikita Michi
    Nikita Michi says:

    Whoosh I miss inyoung unnie says her fave words "it's my style"
    Wish i cud have a sister like her,she is so funny and adorable and straight forward at the same time

  8. tvtoms
    tvtoms says:

    Seo In Young looks so plain here.. is she even made up? I'm shocked she's not totally dolled up. Her hair pin magically switches sides early on too.


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