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  1. Polt Fitness
    Polt Fitness says:

    Smaller channel here just putting out solid content on a regular basis. I’m doing it because I love it and sure I hope I grow but it’s a grind for sure! I enjoy coming up with the iideas for videos, filming them, editing them, and tags was a big question I had so this video was very helpful! Thank you 🙏

  2. Mary BeVard
    Mary BeVard says:

    Hi! I've been watching your video for a while and have learned a ton. I've also been watching Derrel Eves as well. My first video was far from perfect but I had a great title and great tags. Incorporated a lot of your tips into my video. It's only one video but only got 24 views. Half were mine. I'm even using very searchable tags. I did a decent thumbnail. I did a ton of research for a better part of a year before I made my first upload. Please help me! I'm putting all this work. I know I have to be more consistent and have better video quality and a lot more stuff. I'm just surprised I didn't get more then 24 views

  3. Stories Lived
    Stories Lived says:

    Love your videos as they are very informative 🙂 If we want to have YouTube treat an already posted video as a new video…give it a reset…can we just unpublish it for some time and if so, how long (assuming of course we will revamp the title, meta, tags etc before re-publishing)? Or, to reset the video with YouTube would it be better to delete the video and start all over. Our problem is we uploaded a large batch of videos at one time, but did not optimize them at the time. We did not know about the "new" video ranking / evaluation, so we missed that window for all of these now posted videos. Thanks so much for your time! Buying your book now!

  4. The Life Of Scott Wenger
    The Life Of Scott Wenger says:

    my watch time is horrible. tho for the past 6 years youtube has been just for fun with uploading videos of my random hobbies, im slowly starting to change, and make longer then 30 second videos, but again for me its all for fun at this point this video has good info for when im ready to put more time into youtube as for now i'll keep writing down notes for the future 🙂

  5. VidaDeNosotros
    VidaDeNosotros says:

    We are aslo at that starting point for a latin comunity. Although we have around 35 subscribers we have a lot of fun doing this and work very hard to provide a good product. Thanks for the hint that the first week is crucial Definitely will take it in consideration for all future videos.

  6. Palafoxfox
    Palafoxfox says:

    Great Video! I just have a question: should I use apostrophes in my keywords? For example, should I use "let's cook" or "lets cook", or should I use both of them?

  7. The Real Deal Listen up
    The Real Deal Listen up says:

    Thanks Tim…you are the man ! I'm tracking with ya…Just been going for a fewmonths…got 26 videos…but a couple are really good I think ? I'm working my assoff here and nothings happening ! I subscribed to your channel…sure could use a little help…I have a animated icon pic…I'm a good looking guy like you !  Should I put my personnel pic on my icon ?  Kinda sell the look ? P.s. I really Love this stuff ! Mike / June 15th 2017


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