How To Do SEO For Website


Quick tutorial on how to do seo for your website. Facebook: Twitter: Livestream: …


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  1. BizAndProductReviews
    BizAndProductReviews says:

    Hey Paul, don't you have a video where you show how to create and link pages and articles within a website so that you build up link juice throughout the site. Please let me know which video that would be. I like this series and am continuing through it, but I believe there is also a video you have that fits the above description.

  2. RKF Search Results
    RKF Search Results says:

    Good info. When you transcribe, do you use the YouTube tool to do that?
    Also for the on-page SEO, again good stuff. It's cool that you show what Google sees with the adjustments you made. It appears that you don't use Yoast. Any particular reason?
    Also, I'm on your Email list and YouTube as well 🙂

  3. Mike Budde
    Mike Budde says:

    Paul, I just started following you in the past week. Your nursing story is my story also. I loved the science of nursing especially pathophysiology. When it came to clinicals I got a below standard review one day and decided nursing wasn't for me. I would take the nursing tests and pass without even studying. I realized that I was too much in my head and not enough hands on. I was in school about the same time you were. I had racked up about $40,000 in debt and am still in debt today. I wish I would have got SMART like you did. I bought a lead gen course about a year ago and I thought it was total bs. You break the information down to where I can understand it. I like your hour to 1.5 hour long video's. I have a long attention span and 20 minute video's do nothing for me. I am going to buy the maps mentor course.

  4. G S
    G S says:

    For this client, you wrote an optimized article, translated it to their language, and put it on their website? Wouldn't they know exactly what you did? I'm confused.

  5. PJ Smith
    PJ Smith says:

    Thank you for simplicity… it's refreshing. If the client's site does not allow for a lot of content, is there any way to manipulate the source code without changing the content? My client's site is more visually oriented and has so many plugins that I don't want to touch it with a Schema plugin. Any ideas? Thanks!

  6. Ivan du Plessis
    Ivan du Plessis says:

    Hi, i would like to see your off page link building strategy for easy, medium and difficult markets. Service providers that can do the work or places to purchase links. And your sales offer/funnel when approaching customers to rent the website for a fixed monthly fee 🙂

  7. James
    James says:

    Super. I used bold, underline, etc years ago and stopped doing it not realizing that it still was a good idea. Keep it coming, standing by for your next.

  8. Shujain Ali
    Shujain Ali says:

    Next video you should be helpful. If you break down keyword research, estimate time how much it will take for a particular keywords to rank, how much leads we expect we will get from that keyword and how much links It will take.

  9. Dre Da Silva
    Dre Da Silva says:

    Great content. 
    Can you do a video on getting high pr authoritative Dofollow backinks to websites from available sources ie. blog commenting, guest posting, forums etc.

  10. Cary Huff
    Cary Huff says:

    What software do you use when making these videos where you're in the lower right hand corner, and we can see your computer screen at the same time? Thanks.
    Great value. 61 likes. 😉

  11. Body Beyond Fit
    Body Beyond Fit says:

    This is good information. i know you have shown me this before but, I always felt overwhelmed. I have been sticking with you for awhile. I am excited about the process of moving forward thanks to you. I am gonna give this a try. Thank you Paul.


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