How to Use the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin (Tutorial)


The Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin can be broken down into 3 steps: 1. Configure the settings Once installed you’ll see the different SEO tabs on the left of your …


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  1. Barbara DiLucchio
    Barbara DiLucchio says:

    I have had to come up with the keywords after the posts are given titles and completed. What I am having a problem with is changing something in the focus keyword that isn't in the url or title then it does a 301 permanent redirect that can be seen at the top of the page but I'm not sure If that is just telling me that I need to do this or it is automatically doing this. This method of assigning focus keywords that don't have a redirect has sometimes made me enter key words that I really don't think are good but it results in a green dot.

    I guess the question is If I do enter something in the focus keyword that ends up showing a redirect at the top of the page for a while, does this mean that I should go into the re-directs option and enter it right there–I'm not really sure how to do those and it seems that if I put keywords that I think are good but don't match the given title –then this will happen alot. I'm not sure how to get a response from these comments and how long they are there but that has really been bothering me a lot. I hope I get a response about this because it is upsetting. Thanks very much for your videos they are the best I've seen so far about yoast stuff!

  2. Online Media Masters
    Online Media Masters says:

    Go here for a more current tutorial:

    It shows you how to EVERYTHING there is to Yoast:
    -configure the Yoast settings, verify Webmaster Tools, and fix crawl errors (broke pages) with redirects
    -add AMP (accelerated mobile pages) for faster mobile load times
    -research better focus keywords using tools like Moz Keyword Explorer + MozBar Chrome Extension
    -optimize content (there's much more than green lights and you shouldn't obsess over these)

  3. Amy Treasure
    Amy Treasure says:

    Hi Tom fab video thank you. Just wondered why some of the links in your article were no follow and some followed? Does this make a huge difference to good SEO? Thanks! Amy

  4. Felipe Varela
    Felipe Varela says:

    Hi, Tom!

    Thank you for this video and the updates in OMM's site. I'm developing a vacation rentals site in WordPress so I'm using Yoast for my SEO purposes. Your videos has been really helpful. I still have some doubts but Google's been a great help. Anyway, I have one question for you: What about pages that aren't meant to include text or any ohther content different from the search results – or categories – of the site (for instance, a page which list all Houses or Appartments availables)? Do you think that completing the Snippet Editor fields is enough? Should I try something else, aside Yoast?

    Thanks again. Have a great day!

  5. Great Yarmouth
    Great Yarmouth says:

    great video been using yoast for some time but not really got into it much but after this tutorial will be spending a lot more time thanks for explaining the basics will be looking at any more you do.

  6. Fabian Kohen
    Fabian Kohen says:

    Great tutorial! A couple of questions. 1.) Is it really necessary to try and get anything above an "OK" status on each page? 2.) Do you use this for basic pages like "contact us" or "faq's?" 3.) Is it good practice to stay away from apostrophes in keywords since it doesn't show up on URLs?  Thanks again! I didn't know about the plural non plural keywords working. 🙂

  7. Rajib Kumar Paul
    Rajib Kumar Paul says:

    Many WP users used Yoast in their site but didn't utilize all amazing feauters of this plugin. You showed all the necessary step on how to use Yoast efficiently. This will help you a lot of novice. Great work!

  8. MrIcebreaker1978
    MrIcebreaker1978 says:

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