Learn SEO from Rand Fishkin CEO of Moz SEOmoz


If you have asked the question “What is SEO?”, then in this video you will learn the basics about SEO from Rand Fishkin (http://moz.com/rand/), CEO of Moz …


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  1. Benjamin Stanley
    Benjamin Stanley says:

    This is what happens when someone teaches on a topic they’ve already made wealth on. They have a valid product and its proven. Saying that, they know how the process works and they can lay it out in education and training so people can use their products.

  2. Michał Wilk
    Michał Wilk says:

    SEO is simple to use. I have a lot of pages in few different niches and in most of them im on google first page. I have been using keyword research and backlinks on keywordplaner com, I used standard package for most of them and in few pages I used premium also. What I recommend is to find the best keywords manualy or using keywordplaner com. Good luck guys!

  3. Jayed Khan
    Jayed Khan says:

    SpeedRankSEO is a very good and useful site about seo every body can take the advantage of this useful seo site.To increase page rank SpeedRankSEO is amzing.


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