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  1. Andy H. Tu
    Andy H. Tu says:

    I was optimizing for my "about me" page, but "about" is a stop word. I tried "what is …brand name" and "is" is a stop word. How do you get around that? Is it absolutely necessarily to avoid stop words? instead of "what is gymshark" for example….what would you use for that slug?

  2. Zayan Afree
    Zayan Afree says:

    sir im using newspaper template so i put any post on my website after i fetch google console after everything done but not showing my post Slug on google search because showing page name only so what i do sir?

  3. Efrain Lemus
    Efrain Lemus says:

    What should the slug for the about page be? At our company, we have the standard practice of using the business name (e.g., /about-wordpress/) but I have been thinking of using the field that the business is in (e.g., /about-website-builder/). Which one do you think is better to get found easier?

  4. Lubys A
    Lubys A says:

    Hi Bjorn, So the title is more for reading purupose? Eg. my title Dogs, url slug: mysite/best-dogs-food-list
    So for the user is easy to read "dogs" and for seo we use keywords in the slug
    Am I correct by doing this?
    Thank you!

  5. Xristos Xristou
    Xristos Xristou says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    Congrats for your videos! I like them and are really useful to me.
    I want to ask you something about the slug. Can I use Latin characters only or can I use Greek or Arabic characters also? I'm asking about SEO reasons.

    Thank you!


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