On-Page SEO Factors For Google in 2018 - Recap


Bonus 147 Backlinks List: https://goo.gl/hhLpiW A complete list of on-page factors that you can use to rank your website on Google in 2018. In this SEO training, …


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  1. raja kumari
    raja kumari says:

    Awesome Information.
    Thanks for the valuable insights, here I want to share some information about Check SEO Tool
    Check SEO is a trusted tool and a unique solution achiever for any kind of web analysis and the only answer for all those who are waiting for SEO solutions These two factors include On page optimization & Off-page optimization. The On-Page SEO term refers to the things that an individual can do ON their website for getting a higher rank

  2. Karl Anders
    Karl Anders says:

    What do you if your business provides 2 distinct services but you're 1 business so can't have more than 1 website as you're splitting your backlinks? We provide printing & leaflet distribution. Extremely hard to rank for both.

  3. Leon Van Vuuren
    Leon Van Vuuren says:

    Hi Eric . You can't do a post about affiliated products SEO blog posts . How to do the best SEO for that blog post . Because what long tail keywords do you use ? What do you need to change , compared to a normal SEO ?

  4. Bill Wilson
    Bill Wilson says:

    I'm working a parallax wp theme. For each row in the builder they have "fancy headers" where you can assign a heading and a sub-heading. And then you can assign the heading class, in this case H1. First, I've noticed in many of these theme tutorials they are not putting keywords in the H tags, terms like Welcome and other generic terms. Goes against what you teach about using keywords in H tags.
    Secondly, looking at the H1 code below, the theme seems to break down the H1 as a "heading main-head" and "sub-head". Do you agree they should be using keywords instead of generic terms? Do you think Google will recognize this "heading main-head" and "sub-head" code as regular H1 tag code. Would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
    I can't find anything on H1 tags having a "heading main-head" and "sub-head". I wouod like to use the theme but I want to make sure my H tags are coded properly for Google ranking.

    <h1 class="fancy-heading themify-text-center">
    <span class="maketable">
    <span class="addBorder"></span>
    <span class="fork-icon"></span>
    <span class="addBorder"></span>
    <em class="sub-head">Welcome</em>
    <span class="heading main-head">PARALLAX DEMO</span>
    <span class="bottomBorder"></span>


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