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WordPress SEO for SEO Specialists video lesson shows how to optimize images https://youtu.be/J018KnRDvKA this is an ADVANCED tutorial for SEO experts …


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  1. adam
    adam says:

    I hope this comes across as constructive feedback, My audio isnt that loud and your video is that quiet it automatically put me off even if it was golden info I hope you create your future videos louder.

  2. Carl Garside
    Carl Garside says:

    Thank you so much RankYa. I have been watching your tutorials for quite some time now and I’m finally starting to put your teachings to work. Keep up the great work, can’t wait to see what your next video session will be.

  3. Mark Purol
    Mark Purol says:

    Might not want to see this comment..
    But I'm curious, for those of us who don't have Adobe (or comparable programs).
    How do we edit the image information without using software? Is there a way to edit that information to the extent that Adobe allows without software?
    Thanks for your dedication to this Tolga, many people myself included appreciate this!


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