SEO   Adding Titles & Descriptions Meta Tags In Your Website


Tutorial – how to add meta titles and descriptions to an html website.


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  1. Thea World
    Thea World says:

    Guys, yeah I know. The thing is most people who just want to edit some things on their website they don't want to bother with html text editors. This is sad, what can I do, but I made this tutorial for people just want to log into Godaddy and use the default Cpanel text editor which sucks. But, let's face it, if someone doesn't download a text editor like Atom or Sublime Visual Studio Code, then most likely they don't know how to add a comment in HTML.

  2. John C
    John C says:

    Google still fails to verify. I have 2 index files – index.html.old (which I've pasted the tag into) and index.php which looks nothing like what you are showing us and has no mention of "head". Is this why I can't make it verify? How to I put the google verification metatag into the php index? Bloody hell, phone books were a good idea after all! Oh thanks for your great video. Got me about 100 steps further than I got before 🙂 Still hopelessly lost but oh well.


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