Yoast SEO for WordPress training - Metabox: Focus Keyword and Content Analysis Tab


This video shows how to make your post look great in Google using the snippet editor, how to use focus keywords for optimization on your preferred search …


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  1. Joandthefish
    Joandthefish says:

    Have you been among the many people wondering about why it seems that people are getting more and more stupid? Have no attention span? Loose interest if a sentence is not illustrated with cute stickers and longer than one line, if even that? Here is your answer: Yoast SEO is telling you what you are "doing wrong", in the important quest of training people to become incredibly stupid and bring them back to the level of toddler or a child with a mental disability. Funny also that the speaking in this video does not at all follow the rules it states.
    Ops, was that loo long again? In brief: OMG.

  2. Mark Cooper
    Mark Cooper says:

    Earlier versions of the Yoast SEO plugin had a field for a target URL for making a 301 Redirection. Is that still possible with the current version of the plugin? If so, how is it done?

  3. Christopher
    Christopher says:

    I'm in the process of building my blog / site and I've been watching Yoast for over two years before I even had my design complete; and I must say Yoast is very helpful, what is surprising is people attention span is that low that the Yoast SEO has to rate whether long sentences are hard to read. I partially agree, for one reason, reading anything on a computer monitor cannot replace reading on paper, in which you are engrossed in the content, when you read on a computer, although no impossible, you have your hand on the mouse or trackpad and that can lead to a distraction.

    I will read long sentences I usually can't have someone who is in the room at random begin to say something to me, or what have you; if anything of that nature then I will post-pone reading for, it can be up to a week, or two weeks.


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