Yeon Seo & Kim Dan | You are annoying {humor}


SPOILERS up to ep 24 •Pretty pretty please watch it in HD, it’s better for your eyes• …


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  1. Regina Rose Black
    Regina Rose Black says:

    Haha, this is amazing! I haven't watched this show or anything in the genre, but this edit makes me wanna try! But as I know myself, I won't anyway, even if it would be great, I just can't find time to watch shows. Basically I don't watch any new shows around 1-2 years… Yep, that's pretty weird, I know, but I just either edit, with the material, I already have, or write my stories and not like I have a social life, but I sleep a lot and all… You know, I just can't make myself to watch any shows.
    But anyway, that's not the point! The point is, that this video is really interesting and funny and cool, and I loved every moment of it! 😍

  2. Felicity Queen
    Felicity Queen says:

    "I really can't do humor videos!" LIAR
    this is AMAZING, really… PERFECTION!
    They have so many funny moments you used them really weel!
    I just love this SO MUCH!!
    I have to keep this in replay!!! 😍😍

  3. SparksxFly
    SparksxFly says:

    Soooo sad its about to end¡¡…😢😓💔💔
    Like How?¡?¡? They are like my everything, this is really beautifuul¡¡¡¡
    I needed this kind of vid after just crying like a little baby in almost all the episodes¡¡😂🙈😥😭 I hope i will have sth done of these two soon bcuz im way soo OBSESSED too and cant help it¡¡ Im scare about the end¡¡ I love them a lot¡¡❣💗💙💛💜


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