owl(解放) / YonYon, Samuel Seo


2019.7.3 (Wed) Digital Release -Music- Produced by TENDRE Composed by YonYon, Samuel Seo, TENDRE Lyrics by YonYon, Samuel Seo Recorded and …


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  1. Cullet
    Cullet says:

    period, hitomitoi, mirror에 이은 링크 프로젝트 +_+ 벌써 네 번째라 너무너무 기쁘고 귀까지 즐거워요! YONYON 최고 사무엘서도 최고!

  2. Jew'el Emelaldeu
    Jew'el Emelaldeu says:

    This is awesome I love this and I love owls amazing title to an amazing song thank you and be bless everyone✌😄💚🎶🌟💖🌹🎶✳⭐🐾🎶😃😁😊☺😉✨


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