Full Niche Site Reveal: Our Google Analytics, Monetization, and 2019 SEO Strategy


Jim and Ricky open up about the newest Income School niche site. They talk about the current traffic, how they are monetizing it, and how to deal with the latest …


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  1. ponneya ponneya
    ponneya ponneya says:

    I really like these two guys videos. Ricky is getting fatter by the day ad soon we will be seeing two sumo wrestlers teaching us about income sites. I really like both of them and I am excited to start a blog and implement their strategies. Now the shocking revelation I came to know about both of them were that both of them are graduates from the eccentric Brigham young university which is a Mormon University. Definitely these two guys must be against masturbation,porn and others. What a shame. Two brilliant young men (Competing in a fat contest) are are also two Mormon retards.

  2. bb 823
    bb 823 says:

    I don't really think that this video is related to this, but before in other videos you said that you did like 30 articles and left your blog het passive income. So if i have multitopic blog should i do 30 per topic or 30 all together?

  3. Shihab Bin Yousuf
    Shihab Bin Yousuf says:

    Please let me know why you redirect domain? Also I check 2 domain 1st domain RD= 100 + 2nd Domain RD=37+ But you said in your video that without backlink rank on Google. Please clear about it. Thanks

  4. Jeff Fulkerson
    Jeff Fulkerson says:

    You know what I like most about your videos? You keep it entertaining. The content, case studies, real world examples, etc. are excellent, but your silly intros or random shenanigans keep it fun to watch. Keep it up!

  5. Daytha Hulion
    Daytha Hulion says:

    After looking briefly at the writing styles and the material, I think this site is useful for educating children about animals. Maybe you could abbreviate the top blogs and spruce them up a bit with graphics into children's informational guides, or something like that.

  6. C T Mitchell
    C T Mitchell says:

    **Project 24 Student asks **

    Content volume – min 30 articles = about 80,000 words. Big effort gentlemen.

    So are you actually writing/typing the article or dictating using software like Dragon dictation ?

    Love to hear your thoughts

    Project 24 Student

  7. Adriaan de Koster
    Adriaan de Koster says:

    Really cool video guys. Question, if you are starting a new site and you are a slow writer would you advise on writing a bunch of articles offline first (before setting up a site) and publish in batches later vs adding maybe only 1 article a week after the site goes live.

  8. Buyseech
    Buyseech says:

    Hey guys, just found your channel and subscribed right away. Good stuff. Just had a quick glance at the website mentioned. Is there a reason you guys aint using alt tags in images? Curious… Thx.

  9. Jason Stallworth
    Jason Stallworth says:

    I’m definitely writing all my own content (for 2 authority sites). It does take a lot of time but I feel it’s worth it in the long run.

    I do plan to open up to guest posts at some point but I still want to handle the majority of content because both topics are something I’m passionate about.


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