Lesson-6: What is SEO in 2019? - On page SEO and how to write an article like a pro | Ankur Aggarwal


Download the On page SEO Checklist: http://bit.ly/31Xu9p1.


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  1. Ashutosh Singh
    Ashutosh Singh says:

    Sir aapko hindi me btana chachiye acche se smjh nhi aapta h thoda prblm hota h agr Hindi me btaoge to aapke Channel to subscrise aise hojayenge agr logo ko acche se smjh aagya to

  2. Nishant Jain
    Nishant Jain says:

    The free job posting result that I saw was of ' indeed' and ors but not yours .. is it bcoz Google showed that result since you are working on your PC ?

    Plz do reply to the query

  3. Shreyas Tamane
    Shreyas Tamane says:

    People who are not into digital marketing or seo based content writing may not fully understand your video, but for people like me who have the willingness to learn this topic will definitely admire the way you gave out this info. It was very informative and actually reinforced my knowledge which I had gained from some other legit sources, with some fine-tuning. Thanks so much.

  4. Mukesh M
    Mukesh M says:

    @Ankur – thanks for the videos.Looks like content creation is a key here. Do you generally do a heavy research on the real content you have on your websites? Can we refer multiple websites to create a content which will probably a copy of someone else. Wont there be copy right issues in Digital marketing if someone claims it is a copy of their's? will there be any legal issues? Please suggest on this.

  5. Priya Tanwar
    Priya Tanwar says:

    Hi Ankur, Thank you for this Blueprint for SEO. I have one query, do we have to include all the possible keywords in the article to make it more SEO optimized?


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