Lesson 7:  Focus keywords and the Yoast SEO plugin - SEO for beginners training


This video is part of the free SEO for beginners training course by Yoast Academy. Find the complete training at https://yoa.st/3kl In the SEO for beginners …


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  1. Dutz Vlad
    Dutz Vlad says:

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  2. Hitech work
    Hitech work says:

    thanks for the useful information and for the plugin.

    Well, I'm facing the little issue in SERP.

    I set "Post Name" as my permalink and manually write the title of each post rather than using the Yoast default setting like "Title Page Separator Site title".

    But whenever I check my post in SERP, I get something like this. "Post Title – Baby bassinet" I'm notsure where from this "baby Bassinet is coming.

    I also check my all post by using search operator in google for example Site:getforbaby(.)com. and found all of my posts have "Baby bassinet" at the end of the title.

    My Site Title: Getforbaby

    And Tagline: Best Baby Product Reviews

    Can you please tell my why i'm seeing this in SERP and how can I fix this.

  3. Thomas H
    Thomas H says:

    Hi, when i enter a keyword in the focus keyword section, does the Yoast plugin also add these keywords in the main source of the webpage (adding the meta tag in the header of my HTML code)? Because when i look in the source of my webpage, i don't find any metatags that contain keywords.


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