Should You Include SEO into a Base Website Build


A subscriber asked me this question… So you’re small business or freelance developer and SEO is a big job to add into your normal website quote, do you add it …


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  1. alexp703
    alexp703 says:

    I'm a digital marketer. I watch your content on some freelancing tips and I also dabble in simple WordPress design for landing pages and client sites. I agree with everything you said on the topic. My only recommendation for you guys is to focus on content if you get tasked this. Also, plan out the call to actions and make sure it's easy for the user to contact the client. The search algorithm now favors long-form content. I'm writing 2000 word articles that will get traction in roughly 6-8 months. It takes time for Google to index your site and trust it. Read the google pdf on SEO for beginners. Adwords(Now known as Google Ads) is a whole animal, which I'm certified in. Keep up the great work! I really enjoy your content.


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