The 5 Most Important Things You Need To Know About SEO in 2019


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  1. owlxi
    owlxi says:

    New to you & your channel. Enjoying it so far, but would advise maybe slowing down a bit. (I get annoyed when people go too slow as well, lol) but in this case I think you move through those excel sheets so quickly, and also at one point you said you'd get back to something and I am not sure you did. . . and the shade of red in those excel cells is such it's hard to read on our big screens at the office. This is my first video. I'll try another video and probably subscribe.

  2. julio lopez
    julio lopez says:

    I just ran into your page and love it new subscriber here and also a complete beginner almost know nothing about seo but willing to learn it and really interested. Did you attend college for this or did you just go for online course or like self taught really curious about this thanks!

    DIELAN says:

    Appreciate all the content you put out man. Has helped me understand the technicals a lot better.

    I am a new SEO starting out a digital marketing agency (also doing SMM) in Toronto. Ranking for Toronto SEO is pretty difficult. Do you have any suggestions? Should I just rank other websites with lower keyword difficulty and use those as proof to my clients that I can rank since ranking my site against top SEO agencies in Toronto will be difficult and take a lot of time?

  4. leon angus
    leon angus says:

    You need to make more of these videos. As all the big gurus are making them with vague as fuck info. About time there some real actionable info on the market that’s actually SEO.

    I’m trying to find a video of where you discuss keyword density and your approach to it. Do you have a link to a video where you discuss it thanks ?

  5. madarrauchiha1
    madarrauchiha1 says:

    Hey Chase, two questions. Please don’t take the first question as disrespectful.

    1- You have a great video talking about YouTube Seo and I’ve seen some other YouTube channels talking about getting X amount of followers but yet they don’t have the largest audience themselves. If you know so much on YouTube the why doesn’t your channel get more views and subscribers?

    2- Are you planning on updating the entire Socieal media marketing with maybe adding some other ones? For instance I’ve seen TikTok potentially be able to help people get followers. I don’t know how conversion from one Social Media to the other is, so if you know I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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