What is Black Hat SEO? Search Engine Optimization (Explained)


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  1. Mile Davchevski
    Mile Davchevski says:

    Any advice on mind mapping and going the whole nine yards with targeting seed kws though articles on the same domain (layered so that the last layer, let's say 4th LSI layer of articles, always links back to the seed kw page), and internal linking between topics where it makes sense – will it work in the long run? To get ranks for the seed kws i mean. Thanks!


    It's amazing! Nice … Keep publishing this valuable information. I love your content
    I have a quick question…
    Since December 2018 I started losing my traffic and rankings. I never done black hat SEO but my rankings are still dropping… What would the possible reasons.

    I know Google has updated its algorithms recently.

    Thank you…


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