Write SEO optimized post on blogger blogspot with Yoast plugin


Intro is a bit long. Blogger is the great blogging service provided free of cost by google. The peoples who use blogger are in search of many different thing which …


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  1. Muhammad Khan Lodhi
    Muhammad Khan Lodhi says:

    The moment I click on (INSTALL PLUGIN) yoast SEO it gibe me this error…..Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:Program FilesAmppswwwwordpresswp-includesRequestsTransportcURL.php on line 462…… what should I do??

  2. VisualFutureOfMusic
    VisualFutureOfMusic says:

    Why does your title refer to Yoast usage with Google Blogger / Blogspot?

    Firstly, your video is about Yoast usage with WordPress. Moreover, Yoast does not work with Blogger. Totally confusing.


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