The Perfect SEO Setup for Wordpress: 8 Plugins to Skyrocket Your Rankings and Traffic


WordPress made it easy for anyone to create a website. It’s easy to use, it’s fast, it doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge. Heck, even someone like me …


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  1. Neil Patel
    Neil Patel says:

    Do you have a WordPress-based website? Let me know in the comments what platform you're using. Are you using WordPress, are you using Wix, let me know.

  2. Anjali Vats
    Anjali Vats says:

    Are these 8 plugins free of cost?
    Also, my site is already secured. I don't have a special SSL plugin for it. So, do I really need to install the simple SSL?

  3. Lifes Codes
    Lifes Codes says:

    I liked the schema plugin. I use WordPress and my site is hosted on Siteground. And it has some cool features:

    – Dynamic Caching
    – Image optimization and Lazy Load images
    – Minify HTML, Js, CSS
    – Free SSL

    It helped me replace many plugins. And my site loads much faster.

  4. Necip OĞUZ
    Necip OĞUZ says:

    Thanks a lot. Great advices again. I cant be a customer of you due to financial reasons. But i hope you are doing really well in your business life. You deserve it. 🙂

  5. Ian King
    Ian King says:

    I find if I deactivate AMP google hits my rank even though my website has a pretty decent page speed score. I’m no too sure how it really affects my user experience as my bounce rate increases when it’s active.

    Also I find rankmath was a better SEO plug-in for me than yoast.

  6. Patrizio Racco
    Patrizio Racco says:

    Sucuri is the n.1 if you want your wordpress to become really slow. If your traffic comes from outside the US, it will be redirected to the Sucuri firewall IP in the US, and because Sucuri doesn’t have a real CDN, your site will load at snail speed. Neil, I’d rather recommend WP Rocket + Cloudflare

  7. myrilefo
    myrilefo says:

    Hi, I installed A3 Lazy Load on my WordPress site, and none of my pictures were showing up anymore on my site. I deactivated it and everything came back properly…

  8. MK
    MK says:

    Hi Neil, I am using Elemnetor Pro for my word press website and we are a small growing salon which one should I use for Security and malware as a free Plugin can you guide Neil as I am new and don't want duplicate plugin for security that might make my site slow. 1) Akismet Anti- Spam , 2) Cloudflare , 3) I Themes Security . KindlY guide Neil it. Thank you have a nice day. Also Should I use AMP for wordpress when I am Using Elementor Pro. Thank You in Advance.

  9. evaspaceman
    evaspaceman says:

    If my web host already provides site caching, should I still install the plugin W3 Total Cache? Also, I've been using the plugin Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan which looks like it provides comparable features to Sucuri Security. Is there an advantage to Sucuri vs Cerber?

  10. Manpreet Kaur
    Manpreet Kaur says:

    Neil, what are your thoughts on WP Rocket plugin? Would you recommend it over W3 total cache? I've been using it but as you may know already, it's a paid plugin. So, I need to review if it's actually useful.

  11. Bot Does Chop
    Bot Does Chop says:

    Hello neil patel, about your video that you released last month about using long term keyword variations to increase your traffic.Will we use the longer term variations on the page that is already ranking for the original keyword or will we use the longer term variation on new pages of your blog or website keeping in mind that your website is based on pages and not posts.? thanks

  12. Raed Skaik
    Raed Skaik says:

    Hello and thanks fir great content! We need your recommended tool to spy on Google Shopping ads! I know SEMrush has this feature (PLA) but it’s super expensive. Any alternative that you recommend? Thanks!

  13. Matthew Klodt
    Matthew Klodt says:

    The SMUSH image compression plug recently added an 'image Lazy-Load' feature that works really well and has lots of different settings if you to exclude specific images from lazy loading.

    Personally, I prefer using SMUSH's lazy load feature instead of a separate plugin for lazy-loading in order to consolidate plugins to improve page speed & overall website performance.

  14. Gabriel Landaeta
    Gabriel Landaeta says:

    great video Neil, with two exceptions all the plugin you suggest in this video are in my SEO toolbox for new sites, i prefer as cache plugin WordPress fastest Cache, gives me the best outcome and since i switch to WordPress from Joomla gives me the best user experience

  15. HomeWorkoutRoutines1
    HomeWorkoutRoutines1 says:

    Hey Neil,
    thanks for that. I do have a chunk of those plugins, but tell me, I have been told somewhere that you need to be wary of having too many plugins because they will become a burden for your site. Is there a guide as to what is a good plugin balance for a site,
    Mike FD


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