How to Rank #1 on Google for the World's Most Competitive Keywords | Ranking First Page for "SEO"


Try it, google “SEO” and you’ll see that is ranked on Google’s first page. How’d I do it? Watch this video: ▻▻Subscribe here to learn more of my …


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  1. WGM 247
    WGM 247 says:

    I googled "SEO" but don't see you on the first page of google? I'm based in the UK… however i see that you are on page 2 and 3rd position.

  2. Saswata Baksi
    Saswata Baksi says:

    Hey Neil, I just created a website on a niche English grammar, and recently got Adsense verification, So now what are the steps I follow to make it to a whole different level. Thanks in advance

  3. Arkadi Manucharov
    Arkadi Manucharov says:

    Hey Neil,

    I own a website for football predictions and I've developed a product that actually works ( That's what our results show anyhow). The thing is that I am having trouble ranking for any of my keywords and I am getting really small amounts of organic traffic. All of my competitors have a product that is inferior to mine and have no to very small amounts of content on their websites. But these websites are very old and have hundreds of thousands backlinks. How can even begin to compete with them? Please help

  4. Rob Ross
    Rob Ross says:

    Hey Neil,
    So, if I have your your ethos in check (apart from that I liked this video) if I back-link juice from my website to yours you’ll do the same! Challenge accepted?

  5. Sajib Khan
    Sajib Khan says:

    Can you pls make a video on Own branding??
    I have chosen my brand name "sk sajib" , Already i opened the account in 14 different social profile with my branding name.
    Like facebook,youtube, twitter,google+,brandyourself. com,about me,pintarest,instagram,stackoverflow,linkedin and etc.
    But i didn,t find any single result on google 10 page..

  6. Nalinan Raju
    Nalinan Raju says:

    Hi sir, I'm doing private investigation. Currently I just open up my own company, I have crated a website, blog, YouTube channel (on progress), social media's. Is there any things else I can do in order to to rank in first page of Google?

  7. Wisdom John
    Wisdom John says:

    Thanks very much for the video sir….
    My website focuses on scholarship and job recruitment,please how can I get traffic to my site cos I do not get traffic at all

  8. Gaming Gajju
    Gaming Gajju says:

    Hey Neil ! First of all Tell me this strategy's work in 2018 Because this video is 7 Months old.
    2. I Deal with a company i have to rank his site on first page of google in india for a Highly competitive keyword and its difficulty is 42

    If i rank it on first page
    This will be a Big Achievement for me.

    Give me a tip that helps me

  9. svntrs
    svntrs says:

    Hey Neil, trying to build a brand around my blog Life Management for moms to find purpose, get organized and generate an income so they can stay home. I have colors, images, all social channels but I dont use YouTube, but do fb vids for how to start a biz or blog from home. I dont know what might be missing. Brand suggestions? Thank you for your content!

  10. Sarthak Srivastava
    Sarthak Srivastava says:

    Hey Neil… You're awesome man.
    Your videos really inspire to keep going and not giving up. We are learning and improving every day through your website, blogs and videos. Please guide on how to get sales on an e-commerce website. Thank You 🙂

  11. ömer Senocak
    ömer Senocak says:

    Hi Neil, what happened to your website "nutritionsecret" ? It was a challange project of your but when I try to open it, it goes to redirect me to the another page.

  12. Mukul Sharma
    Mukul Sharma says:

    Hey Neil… I blog about weapons and i have started to produce quality content thanks to the skyscraper technique (Brian Dean)…..but i don't have much visitors….give any idea relevant to this….



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