Google Ranking Changes, Drug Rehab SEO, Google News Violations, Hacks, URL Inspection & More

[ad_2] – This week in search we saw another unconfirmed Google algorithm update around January 15th. We also looked at the …


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  1. List Rank Sell
    List Rank Sell says:

    Hi Barry, We appreciate the more slowed-down nature of this video. It takes you a few minutes longer than usual, but the end result is far superior to your typical delivery style. You often seem like you're in a massive hurry, to the point it seems something else is more pressing than doing this video — and by extension, more important than it.

    I assure you that your followers pay attention to this weekly recap. It's one of the main reasons you have the reputation for this kind of reporting. But I encourage you to slow it down. As your recent appearance on Webcology attests, you do talk at a normal pace when having a conversation. And you're a pleasure to listen to when you do.

    Keep your chin up.


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