The CHEAPEST Way To Build Local SEO Backlinks


Learn more: In this video, we go into part 2 of how to build your own backlinks in 2018. In the last video, we covered …


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  1. GolitePlays
    GolitePlays says:

    Let’s say you build a PBN and have 3 different articles on it link to your money site. Great you just got 3 links. But eventually once its past like 10 links, will each additional link still be as powerful or will the new ones turn stale? Like will your 100th link from that pbn hold just as much power or ‘link juice’ as the very first link? If so, that’s amazing. But if no, wouldn’t the PBN simply be a waste of money each month? Thanks to whoever can answer this

  2. Chris Marcus
    Chris Marcus says:

    this is very sound information.

    I have been doing marketing for 20 years, and own an SEO web hosting company for the past 10 years offering 1/ip across hundreds of class-a/b/c's for these PBN type of clients. some will even do them by geoip location to make them look more natural with ips from all over the world, or country.

    assuming you are doing the registrars and following the advice provided in this video, they are very very hard to find and can last years. the issue most people have is, they are not diligent on using the different names/registrars/private whois. lazy or inexperienced spammer/mailers do the same thing. it is not that hard to find you if you are NOT doing your due diligence to hide the breadcrumbs.

    good stuff top notch Ruan.

  3. Scott DeSalvo
    Scott DeSalvo says:

    Why would you purposely set up pbn websites if you know that Google is looking for them and if they catch you, they will penalize you?

    Sloppy PBN’s got hit by penguin and panda and lots of sites got ruined. Google has just about all the data in the world. What happens to your sites and your clients sites when they catch you? They all go into the garbage.

    I guess you can get away with it if the plan is to build a site and then sell it? But long-term, the strategy worries me.

  4. Boarder245
    Boarder245 says:

    So the idea is, to write a lot of pages with my pbn and link out to my main page: Can I link out to my main website in each post of the Pbn or is there a high risk to get penalized?

  5. Kenneth Chery
    Kenneth Chery says:

    👌🏾💯🔥Dude, do you go this much in detail in you course? You puttin out straight fire kid! Don’t stop. PS when are going to do a live event – that meet & greet ( hopefully in NYC) SEO dune right can positively impact all aspects of [any business] with an online presence!

  6. 3z vic
    3z vic says:

    Thanks for the great value you provide

    What about the client website, what should I do if he has an html.
    Do I transfer the domain to WordPress and then doing seo?

  7. Bernard Pierre Paul
    Bernard Pierre Paul says:

    Great! Now my question for you how many pbn links you need you rank one keyword, and also how many site can you link that pbn with for link juice. Next question can you use the pbn to power up your Web 2.0 with not being worries for google.


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