(ENG SUB) [박서준] TAXI EP331 Park Seo Joon cut - Army days & Childhood dreams


PLS DO NOT REUPLOAD. Video credit: tvN Visit http://yqyukiz.blogspot.com/ for all the videos!


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  1. Jasmine Aviette
    Jasmine Aviette says:

    I can literally stare at him all day. I don't understand and need subtitles yes BUT HE'S STILL FINE AS HELL. He's smart, fit, funny, charming, a phenomenal actor with a deep voice. Can't go wrong with this handsome man

  2. Nana 97
    Nana 97 says:

    he was pretty smart by going to the Army early because usually men in korea have to enlist at the age of 30 and that's the peek of their career for many celebrities

  3. My Prince
    My Prince says:

    i can stare at him for hours he has that look..the more u stare the more he became handsome and charming..😘😘cant wait for hwarang! thanks for uploading it with subs..btw i love ur profile pic.!😉


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