Etsy SEO Changes 2018 - What's working now - EtsyRank & Marmalead Review


Kara from A Cake To Remember sells wholesale cake-related supplies to cake decorators, diy brides and retailers. She’s been able to stay right on top of Etsy …


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  1. KLo 2daMax
    KLo 2daMax says:

    Thx so much Renae and Kara for this enlightening information! I'm a newbie Bestie learning about EVERYTHING. These videos REALLY help! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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  3. Erin Bosenberg
    Erin Bosenberg says:

    Oooh gosh so many questions coming up as I listen. I have just opened my shop 1 month ago and have been very very attentive to SEO using EtsyRank – as the current free option….
    I am going for a mix of LOW & MEDIUM competion keywords and have received a few favourites and 5 admirers as a result. I've also started reaching out to my favourite shops to invite them to join a Pinterest group supporting their shops and their favourite items from other shops (supporting each other). I have now started promoting all of my listings – and was going to leave it for 2 weeks so that I can gather stats and then tweak listings accordingly. Is this a bad idea?? If I had to choose between starting with promoted listings or switching to Marmalaed as a starting point what would you suggest?? As someone just starting out I want to be careful of spending too much and not getting the return. I'd love more advice for those just starting out – for someone with no sales or reviews yet…

  4. Erin Bosenberg
    Erin Bosenberg says:

    For an image recognition test could I pin my product photo on Pinterest and then use that little square "visually similar results" box to see what other images pop up. The little square with white corners on Pinterest. Would this give me an idea whether the "computers" / "etsy coding" might recognize that image accurately as that product?? Hmmm.

  5. tappingflamingo
    tappingflamingo says:

    I have a one of a kind shop, so I don't relist most of my products. How does that work with SEO. Does this hurt my shop? I have had a heck of a time getting seen when it comes to Etsy.

  6. Matze Karajanov
    Matze Karajanov says:

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  7. gigitx
    gigitx says:

    I've​ read that the marmalead "new deal" wasn't accurate, can you tell me if it's worth buying Marmalead for a month to get this new thing? Thank You 🙂

  8. Stephanie Powell
    Stephanie Powell says:

    Great info Kara!! I knew there was more to all this than SEO. And I knew something wasn't right with the group games! I left all the useless groups and am now getting 'real data'. Thank you Kara and Renae.

  9. R Christov Art
    R Christov Art says:

    Very informative video. Thank you. For anyone wondering about Marmalead, I have to say, maybe it is a helpful for some sellers, but I tried it for a week and it did not work for me. It provides pretty much the same tools like Etsy Rank ( however, you need to pay $19 /month on Marmalead, and etsy rank is free). Not worth paying. Just my personal opinion.

  10. Andrea Neeranjan
    Andrea Neeranjan says:

    Wow, so much of your personality is displayed within the first few minutes where you refuse to acknowledge that you made a mistake by calling her a wholesale supplier. Instead, you kept belaboring the point to justify your reasoning. It’s quite annoying and no one actually cares about this point, but great job showing off this side of you!

  11. Gina Rios
    Gina Rios says:

    Tudah Rbah (thank you very much). Before I leave, let me tell you, the real Name of the Creator is Hayah asher Hayah. Also, we are to do the 7 appointed times in Leviticus 23. HaLLUYaH means, the praise to Yah.

  12. Betty and Sonja
    Betty and Sonja says:

    Great tips, but what about this 🙁 Etsy is manipulating search as we al know, yes good SEO, pictures etc. is important, but what about this: If you do a search and click on 'ship in 1 business day or 1-3 business day', they (Etsy) automatically checks the box of your country. I and many other sellers outside the USA do ship within 1 or 1-3 days too! We are NOT talking about delivering!

    Sales from the USA dropped dramatically and most of my buyers came from the USA, now my shop is dead! Many sellers outside the USA are experience the same problem. I'm from a small country, nobody knows anything about Etsy. We all pay the same fees, but Etsy is excluding sellers from search by manipulation.

  13. Irish Pens
    Irish Pens says:

    Thanks, both, very informative video, who would have thought that selling handmade pens from our Irish based workshop would be a second career at our time of life!! Etsy got us started it is up to us to put the work in to grow our shop….

  14. Chanelle Novoséy
    Chanelle Novoséy says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful and informative video. I have a dilemma… I paid for maraled and nothing changed on my account. Any way to communicate with them other the email I have not gotten any reply from them in months and there is no phone number. I understand you all are not affiliated lol just any suggestions pleaseeeee 😊😊 thank you so much

  15. OffRoad
    OffRoad says:

    Hi all, I was wondering if Etsy would be a place for me to sell my original paintings on canvas. These are individual works that are framed and not reproduced. I'm the artist. It takes a few months to paint one and there mostly 28" by 40". My work is detailed and realistic. The price range would be $2200 to $2500 shipped. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  16. Claudya R.
    Claudya R. says:

    Why ETSY changes SEO every year? I start to sell more last year, and on Oc/2017 my sells became worst! I use EtsyRrank & i like it, but seems when i get all update, the SEO thing changes again! It sucks! And, now, after making a sell, Etsy shows several shops like mine for costumers pick up. That´s not fair. By the way: what´s a contextual search?

  17. CsDezigns by: Claudia Seigler
    CsDezigns by: Claudia Seigler says:

    Hello Renae, can you tell us when this video was made, and is the information still relevant, or has Etsy changed their game plan since?I’ve often found myself spendning a lot of time, reading article, etc. that are basically ‘out of date’.Thanks!

  18. piedpiperess1
    piedpiperess1 says:

    What if you have great reviews, plenty of beautiful inventory, lots of sales, you've reworked your photos, titles, tags etc, and all of the sudden your sales have tanked?! Then what? Etsy's new whatever they're doing is killing my business…I really used to love Etsy but it's like constant frustration these days.

  19. Photohack Lovers
    Photohack Lovers says:

    my question is this I noticed there are best seller badges under some shops and I'm confused by this because I looked up the sales stats for that shop and they have like less than 100 sales and very poor stats definitely not anywhere near my volume so how do they get a bestseller badge?

  20. Debbie Light Nash
    Debbie Light Nash says:

    Wow, this was exceptional. First off, I never knew about the Marmalead and want to say thank you to both of you for that. I was actually thinking of closing my Etsy shop because of the lack of "use" information on how to really get the most out of it when you first get started. So, with that, thank you to both of you ladies, as this is the first time I have seen any of your videos and you just popped up in my email this morning, Renae. Well done to you both and thank you.


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