How to Write an Article On Blogger - Seo optimization Article writing Tips


If you have a blog on and want to know How to write an Article then this Tutorial video is for you. in This video I Give you some Seo optimization …


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    JAI KUMAR says:

    mere bhai tu superb hai yaar tnxxxxx
    bus 1 video or bana do please copy content p b'coz article likhne m bhot problem hoti h yaar
    M new blogger hu or bhot kuch sikha h apki video dekh dekh kr . Thank you bro .
    Stay happy god bless u.

  2. Mayank Sharma
    Mayank Sharma says:

    Mayank here…
    Full time bank employee…
    Started blogging after watching your videos…
    You are my guruji…
    I started a blog on blogger…wearebank
    Thanks a lot…
    Take care….

  3. Shyam Patra
    Shyam Patra says:

    Thanks vai for honestly assisting us.
    If u don't mind then I want to know what's ur age?
    Because u looks like a 17 year teen boy..
    If it really true then u so talented.

  4. Dev Chauhan
    Dev Chauhan says:

    Bhai AMP theme kya same normal theme ki tarah hi code copy paste krne honge ? (I have seen ur amp video but i think installation of amp is not mentioned there )

    JOB TIME NOW says:

    Hey, Love u brother. I always watch your video. I need help from you bro. I have a blog, first time I didn't buy custom domain. I have done all seo and everything what we should do for a blog. But now I bought my custom domain from Godaddy and will I have to make the settings again? Like sitemap, description, etc Please kindly reaply me.

  6. Sourav Chandra Art
    Sourav Chandra Art says:

    আমি যদি আমার ইউটিউব চ্যানেলের এডসেন্স এর সাথে ওয়ার্ডপ্রেসের কোন সাইট যদি অ্যাডসেন্স লিঙ্ক করি তাহলে কোন প্রবলেম হবে

  7. aman sharan
    aman sharan says:

    Great job bro…. Bhut si video k dekhne k bad bhut si confusion abh khtm hue.
    And i want suggestion from you.
    I want to make career in SEO
    But my writting skills is not so good ' so what can i do for this.

  8. GC - Do you Know?
    GC - Do you Know? says:

    Can you please clarify this query? At 1:08 your views (in blogger) shows 2 but in Traffic Sources at 1:17 the views are more. Shouldn't it match to the display page views? I'm just trying to understand as I'm a new blogger…. Thanks in adv.

  9. Tech Support
    Tech Support says:

    I don't know why people don't like, 81 k views but only 4 k, likes,
    You know why ? People are not serious.
    By the way nice video, not this but your all videos are nice and helpful
    ( Bro- research ka kamaal ha NAA ??? )
    Thank you


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