POWERFUL eBay SEO Tips For Finding Better eBay Keywords / eBay Tags


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  1. Brian G
    Brian G says:

    Here's my question: What good is a keyword with little or no competition if it does not apply to your product? In your example of the flash drive, one of the keyword tails was "flash drive 64tb". There was 0 competitors, but that would probably be because there is no such thing as a 64 TeraByte flash drive! Or, if "flash drive 128gb" was low competition, but you don't have a 128gb flash drive to offer, why would you use that as a keyword?

  2. Maxine Torosian
    Maxine Torosian says:

    Thanks for the great video! I noticed that the keyword sniper tool is compatible with PC only. Do you know of any MAC versions? Also, does this software only do a broad keyword match? I noticed in the manual technique you'd selected exact match… Thanks in advance!

  3. avital sss
    avital sss says:

    hi what is the diffrent between this softwere and merchentwords ? in mercentewords i get also volume of serches 2- if i want join for trail is it possable ?

  4. Lilly S
    Lilly S says:

    I think your spreadsheet is a fabulous starting point and I'm very happy to have found your technique and will put it to good use for my eBay and Etsy stores. Those who can't afford the software and wish to do it manually in a spreadsheet might benefit from two bits of advice. One, rather than color code each line as you're going along which is very time-consuming, wait till you input it all the numbers, then sort the whole table by Total Competitors. Lastly color code entire groups/rows of low or high numbers accordingly all at once. Another way to do this is learn about conditional formatting. There is a button at the top where you can set parameters for the cell and if the number inputted is higher or lower than whatever number you use as cutoff, the cell will automatically color code as red, green, orange, or whatever color you want. You then copy that formatting to all the cells under Total Competitors. For those who know spreadsheets, this will be a huge time saver. Other than that, excellent video. Can't thank you enough for sharing!

  5. Harut M
    Harut M says:

    Thank you for everything, you made it clear! Quick question, how to know if that specific product has a demand on ebay or how many people are looking for it? is google keyword tool good for it?

  6. Brittany Luppy
    Brittany Luppy says:

    At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I was wondering if you could answer me a question. I'm trying to search for keywords words like you did to paste them in a spreadsheet on Excel. How did you copy and paste it over from eBay to your spreadsheet because my browser won't let me. I really don't want to have to be forced to go back to the archaic ages and write everything down.

  7. moha el
    moha el says:

    thank you for this Amazin course, i've read your free book and i intend to buy your software but i have some problems … i think ebay engine doesn't allow this option for north african countries or maybe free stores on ebay doesn't show keywords suggestions and am a begginer and just opend a buisness store on ebay, can you please find for me a solution for this case !!
    thanks again for your efforts !!
    p.s sorry for my terrible english !!

  8. Assaf Almog
    Assaf Almog says:

    Hi. GREAT Video!!
    In about 19:25 you talking abut 4 results on ebay and thats an easy comp yeah.
    But its not meaning that it is a Strong keyword right?
    I mean you found it based on eBay search engine but you didnt get the volume of that keyword after that.. Juat how many compatition you will have..?

  9. Conquer Fitness
    Conquer Fitness says:

    This is amazing! The only question I had was: people won't be searching with an exact keyword. So if people type in a keyword phrase won't it come out as a broad match. How do you go about doing that? So for example if I had the flash drive 1tb. Do I also add more keywords to that or just more keywords to that or just a simple keyword phrase that I found

  10. RV thereyet?
    RV thereyet? says:

    Excellent presentation~grateful for the offers as well, if still available. Just saw the date on this post was a couple months ago so wasn't sure if it was still open? *Ok, great! I clicked right on through and was able to download~Thank you very much!


    HEllo Sir thank you for the video i don't know why Ebay search engine don't work for me i mean when i enter a name product in ebay i don't fet suggestion from ebay but it's work in google any accomendation sir
    and for the tool how can i get it please


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