Yeon Seo & Kim Dan | I'm sorry


SPOILERS up to ep 28 [turn on CC if you want subtitles] •Pretty pretty please watch it in HD, it’s better for your eyes• …


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  1. bpwinces!
    bpwinces! says:

    Okay Kate this is SO wonderfully made with love. I'll cherish these edits of them to rewatch and feel inspiration. Your editing style is SO GORGEOUS ugh! And with that coloring it looks, feels and sounds like paradise 😍

  2. Felicity Queen
    Felicity Queen says:

    I love this song and it fits them so much!! The amount of feels that all of these voiceovers gave me… uhhhh MY HEART! I can't wait for you to kill me with your next video of them ajghjapoiugfhjaahhhhhhhhhh

  3. masteroffate.
    masteroffate. says:

    I was just here minding my own business after I saw the finale, and then I open yt and get attacked with this video, like, how dare you? lkjflkdjgdlkfgjdlh
    I swear, if you already gave me this much feels without scenes of the last eps, I'm not ready for your next video T_T


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