7 Step SEO Checklist For 2019 - The Secret Behind My 14,969,843 Visits From Google Revealed!


Confused by all the seo tactics? Get my exact SEO checklist template that has resulted in over 14 million visits for FREE! Most SEO techniques are ignoring the …


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  1. Ajanta Sengupta
    Ajanta Sengupta says:

    Hi Miles, thanks for this great post again. I learnt so much about SEO from your previous videos. In this video, you mentioned H1 tag. Should it be put in the title? This is not clear to me.

  2. aPhotostock
    aPhotostock says:

    Yes. 0:33 But where is your "other video". I totally lost concentration and started to look for the other video in you vast library. It sounds on you like there is a part one we should see before this one. Link?

  3. Free Jimmy
    Free Jimmy says:

    Hey Miles! Thanks for that info. Question: For seo would it matter if I choose .org .info or .co or not really?
    I wrote a book and am creating brand and want the url to be the same. unfortunately the .com is taken. I may consider buying the .com at a premium after seeing profit from the brand.


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