Etsy SEO Secrets 2019. Boost Etsy Sales


Are you trying to sell on Etsy but finding it hard to get sale? Or do you want to boost your Etsy shop and get even MORE sales? I share with you my Etsy SEO …


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  1. Crafture Design
    Crafture Design says:

    thank you for your video,
    One question where can I find on Etsy the rankings for keywords you showed on the video? I'm just starting to sell and trying to figure all of it out,.

  2. Greenzilla Mama: Raising Green Families
    Greenzilla Mama: Raising Green Families says:

    Pam! Would you say it's better to make a copy/new listing instead of renewing an item? And do you think the more items a shop has the better? I'm definitely going to try to redo my listings but they don't change much so I'm worried that etsy ranking has just cast them all off to the side as "I Don't Knows!" I use to get 30 sales a month and now I'm down to 1 or 2.

  3. Estelita Scott
    Estelita Scott says:

    You seem like a very sincere YouTuber who genuinely wants to help people succeed. I'm so glad I found a YouTuber like you in such a long time. Nowadays YouTubers just want to exploit viewers and push their affiliate links, influence them to support brands and sell their fake courses to them. You have a good heart. This is how YouTube used to be back in the day. It used to be a community of people helping each other through videos.

  4. Richard Cory
    Richard Cory says:

    Hi and thanks for the Etsy help with your video. Could you please clarify how you found the listing impressions and position info for the example you gave of Dog Ring Bearer. I would like to test this idea myself and use it to optimise similar listings but I'm struggling to have the data displayed in the same way as you do. Thanks so much. Rich

  5. علم الاسماء اسرار كوم
    علم الاسماء اسرار كوم says:

    Hello I am a professional designer t-shirts, but I do not speak English well and I am happy to keep up with the work at the etsy site I have not sold any design since I started working on the site. Do you accept to work together? I design for you anything you want and you publish the designs in your shop and the profit is equal

  6. Paul Argueta
    Paul Argueta says:

    Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

  7. Jill Rapley
    Jill Rapley says:

    Great stuff Pam! As so many others say – clear, consise and simple explanations. Excellent.

    Just one suggestion. Do you have a podcast? You could take the soundtrack of your videos and upload them onto a podcast platform like stitcher, soundcloud etc and be found by more people.

  8. Carol Schiff
    Carol Schiff says:

    Very, very helpful. However, as an artist, who sells original paintings, how do I convince Etsy that I have a great product? I cannot rely on repeat sales of the same product.

  9. Noel
    Noel says:

    You mentioned to right click the image to see what google sees. I tried to right clicking one of my listing images but it did not work for me. I'm I supposed to clicking the image while in Edit mode or just in a listing. Could you go into detail about how I right click a image to see how Google sees my image?
    Thank You, your videos are interesting.

  10. Lucy Elsom
    Lucy Elsom says:

    Finally!!! Someone I can listen to and learn from without being bored or confused. Thank you so much, this morning I thought my business was dying, this afternoon, I feel much more positive thanks to you. Xxxxx

  11. Pretzl Cosplay
    Pretzl Cosplay says:

    Thanks so much for putting out these amazing videos everytime! They really helped me in 2018 🙂 I still really need to do some thorough keyword research though and polish up my listing titles/tags again :3 But… Time XD

  12. Rozani Designs Masquerade
    Rozani Designs Masquerade says:

    Well done❣️ Honestly, very comprehensive and to the point. Nice visuals for emphasis. Great suggestions such as coupons and links to custom orders are always a plus.

    I found you through a search for Etsy SEO last year. You're really making a difference in helping people craft their careers in their shops and on Google. I know this because my visibility on Etsy has significantly increased since last year.

    Thanks so much for all of your hard work and good teachings.👍

  13. Susan Appleby
    Susan Appleby says:

    Hi Pam great vid though Il have to watch it a few times there is so much information here lol. thats ok I can listen and draw at the same time. I just opened up a shop and I am really excited to get into this and feel what its like to be in the market place. Is momentum good for a shop when you 1st open it or is it mostly about SEO? I dont have that many listings right now but I will be constantly adding and promoting new designs etc. I feel I will have more control over stock that way….for now anyway.


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