How to Disavow Backlinks (Guide) | Negative SEO


Negative SEO happened Against me, and in this video, I’ll show you how to removed Backlinks from Google also known as How to Disavow links on Google …


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  1. rong no1
    rong no1 says:

    Help me sir please help me ek email sy mujhy har ek mint main comments a raha hy ek hi comment bar bar a raha hy 24 ghanty main 2560 comment aya hy ek hi email sy ek hi comment a raha hy or comment main 4 links hain please please help me

  2. Clashing Royale Master
    Clashing Royale Master says:

    Sir ek question hai pls answer kariye mere dimag me bahut Dard Ho Gaya hai is question Ko leke , question ye hai ki Maan lijiye Maine 500 post ka sitemap google search console pe submit Kiya and Maine 600 post likh diya to phir Mai 1000 post wali sitemap daalunga to kya google phir se 1st post se meri website index krega ki 501st post se meri 500 post to index hai hi to kya hoga pls explain in detail!

  3. pranith tinku
    pranith tinku says:

    hy bro , from hyd .,., this is little suggestion that christmas has coming this month
    so, plz do a video on christmus wishing script HOW ,to dooo…..
    i'' think shurly u i'll do a dedicated video on this bro,, eventho there is no
    time to do this video ,, there are so many frinds like me are not have
    an idea how to to do christamus wishing script : ) i think u have got an idea what's my problem is.. : ) plzz.,.,.
    and there are too many frinds in hyd they ar u r subscribers are wanted to know how to do wishing script
    i HOPE u i'll do it

  4. gaurav paul
    gaurav paul says:

    Brother mujhea ek question puchna tha, mere jo competitor h particular topic ka uska overall domain backlink above 652k h but mera jo topic h article ka same topic pe uske article ka 5-6 backlink h. To kya mein use particular topic mein ussea aage ja sakta houn?


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