My Favorite SEO Hack to Increase Website Traffic | Neil Patel


In today’s tutorial I’m going to share with you my favorite SEO hack to increase website traffic that you’re not doing. Have you tried all those traffic hacks out there, …


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  1. Experts' Global
    Experts' Global says:

    Hello Neil,

    Thanks for the wonderful videos, always. I look forward to your content. I'm your student, of sorts 🙂

    Here's my first comment- un/fortunately a question. I hope you will be able to take a moment to answer this.

    One of my website pages has suddenly stopped showing on web searches. It used to show on first page in competitive search terms like "GMAT Test Series". Rest of my webpages are showing; even for this query, some other, less relevant page is showing in search results- much lower though.

    This main page is not showing up at all, even on exact title/description searches; it is one of the most important pages on my site and I am quite perplexed…what can be the reason? Can you please help?


    Edit: I am not sure whether this is the best place to ask such a question. If not, please help me with the best way. Thanks.

  2. DragonBall Fanatic
    DragonBall Fanatic says:

    I bought a website for amazon affiliate on eBay and paid for the traffic and I couldnt make a profit even if I was getting alot of traffic it was so expensive that I barely made my money back. If I sell more expensive stuff will I make the same sales or what's up with that? Did I get ripped off with the website? Are there eBay websites any good?


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