What This Shocking 2019 SEO Study Reveals About Google


With all of the SEO news and algorithm updates out there, some important figures get ignored. One of these is the startling number of no-click searches on …


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  1. David John
    David John says:

    Another fantastic video — thank you! Quick question before I launch into Project24: would it be viable to launch a blog focused on Elton John’s life & music in the 1970s? (I interviewed 100 musicians and friends of his for a 228,000-word definitive biography, which I can easily turn into a series of in-depth blog posts.) Then monetize through Amazon sales of albums/books/shirts/posters/etc., and give away a 15,000-word ebook Elton discography to build an email list, and sell my full Elton book on the site too? Or am I dreaming/40 years too late? Many thanks!

  2. Mia Johansson
    Mia Johansson says:

    PLEASE HELP! I've been following your tips and FINALLY got one of my articles to rank on the first page of google — overnight my visitors went from 50-80 per day to 460. This happened for about a week until gradually that number came down again. I just assumed at first that it was because other larger sites had published content that outcompeted my article, but now I just realized that this article isn't ranking AT ALL. Even when I type site:theteenmagazine.com and the full title (Not My Ariel Hashtag Trending on Twitter After Black Actress is Cast for The Little Mermaid) my article does not show up. But just FIVE days ago it showed up THIRD for the keyword "not my ariel". What is going on?? I haven't done anything that would make Google think I was trying to trick their algorithm. It was a good article — it should at the very least be showing up on one of the first three pages of google. I can't figure out what's going on. Google Search Console still says the page is indexed, but it's the only one on my website that does not show up at all in search results when I type site:theteenmagazine.com even though just days ago it was showing up the highest in search results out of all my articles.

  3. Enmanuel Diaz
    Enmanuel Diaz says:

    Does submitting your new blog post for indexing on google search console increase how quickly it will rank? Since you are sending google right to it instead of waiting for it to be crawled at random

  4. Common Sense Home
    Common Sense Home says:

    Reasonable discussion and tips – and good title for this video to get people to click to watch.

    Totally unrelated to your video content – may I ask how old you gentleman are? It was a bit like watching my sons on video. 🙂

  5. Jason Stallworth
    Jason Stallworth says:

    Great info on titles! I’ve been writing more ‘programs’ and ‘guides’ for my posts that people will know right away the content is meaty and this should entice those wanting that info.

    Also; if you are answering a question in the title, maybe put something in parentheses like this: Can You Train Chest and Back Together? (5 Workouts You Can Do)

  6. Timothy Bruno
    Timothy Bruno says:

    I would like to introduce "The Tim Ratio," which I have just invented. While these numbers represent a trend, let's put it into perspective. According to the article, the change is 12% over 3 years. That means that the "0 click" percentage went from 43.7% to 48.9%. It is an increase, but a delta of 5% over 3 years is probably nothing to get worked up about. Clearly, our focus has to be on writing copy with depth and headlines that signal that the depth is there and worth clicking on.

    Plus, let's remember that the universe of internet users is still growing – BY A LOT! In 2015 there were about 3 billion internet users. 2019 sees about 4.4 billion. In 2015, 100K page views = 30,000 potential users per page view – times 56.3% (100 – 43.7 = 56.3) = a "Tim Ratio" of 16,890. 2019 means 44,000 potential users per page view. – times 51.1% = a "Tim Ratio" of 22,484. There is plenty of traffic to go around. In fact, there is even more of it now! Keep making good websites that serve your audience in niches that need depth and you will do fine. That's what I am going to continue to do with Procaffeination.com

  7. Gpeps22
    Gpeps22 says:

    Honestly, not as bad as I thought. Just get a little more creative, right? And every small barrier that'll put most people off means a more likely reward for those who persevere!


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