How to Set up SEO URLs in OpenCart 3.x


SEO in OpenCart is one of the starting points when you are building your store. If you know a little about search engine optimization, you will probably know that …


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  1. Kath M.
    Kath M. says:

    Thx for video. Did what you said to do, however when I refresh my site and go to any page, product or category I am getting message "Page not Found". How do I resolve this?

  2. Inverser Pro
    Inverser Pro says:

    Thanks for the video. It is important to indicate that it is necessary to create seo_url for categories, since WITHOUT seo url for a specific category to which product “A” belongs, it will NOT have a seo url (product “A”), and instead of seo_url, the usual will be displayed «…index.php?route = …».

    Just surprised by this CMS. A nightmare, not a code.

  3. PiXelz Center
    PiXelz Center says:

    I have two htaccess files
    htaccess and .htaccess.txt
    What do I do here, delete htaccess which is the original file and amend the .htaccess.txt by removing the .txt extension?


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