Rank in Google Maps Fast – Top 10 critical ranking signals revealed (2019)


Learn how to rank in Google maps fast with my latest tutorial. In this video, I show you the 10 most important signals Google uses to rank Local businesses in its …


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  1. Christian Lecuyer
    Christian Lecuyer says:

    Hi Luc, I would like to know something about GMB, I register all my clients to GMB with my personal Google account and I often give them their first "5 star review", Is it a good thing to do? Should they register themself?

    I'm a level 8 local guide, Does my review weighs more than others?

    Thank you, I really like your youtube channel 🙂

  2. Patrick Lancaster
    Patrick Lancaster says:

    Been doing that without knowledge always been in the 3 pack with most of my ventures however just got all my accounts suspended (do not put all your GMB in one basket) Now I’m learning and appreciating the videos just subscribed now

  3. Ray Howell
    Ray Howell says:

    Making the business name part of the topic is not going to be used by google forever, especially as scammers use this to push businesses up the chain, next year Google may decide to use some other feature, so not sure that is good advice for the long run. Just look at how many times Google has already dumped what used to be their number one indicator.

  4. Yeyda
    Yeyda says:

    in signal #5 location keyword doesn't exist in the business name if I decided to include it should I update it in google my business name and than update it in directories?!

  5. Mazen Mohammad
    Mazen Mohammad says:

    Hello Luc, hope you are doing great. Just stopping by for a quick question on Instagram:

    Viewing the insights of one of my organic posted videos (5 Sec length), I noticed the following results:

    – Views: 311 (Which is displayed just below the post)

    – Reach: 823 (Seen in the insight tab)

    The Question:

    1) What is the difference – in this specific case – between these above two metrics? (I know that Reach indicates 1 unique user)

    2) To be counted as 1 View, does it necessarily mean that the viewer must take any action, or watch for a certain duration of time knowing that my video is already very short in length & plays automatically in the news feed?

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  6. pinklilac7
    pinklilac7 says:

    So if I am searching for a landscaper in my town I will get the first three closest to my home? I have been trying to make sense of all of this. I was looking the other day and saw that 2 out of the top 3 on a recent search was showing me people who weren't even verified, no website, reviews , etc. Yet, below them there were those verified with websites, etc. I couldn't comprehend this. This is the only thing that makes sense now. Well, that and the other factors you mention that I am not entirely sure how to figure out. For one thing, I have tried to research citations of these companies on Moz and even that doesn't match up to them being in the top 3. I was hoping to offer this (claiming their GMB listing and optimizing it) and would like to know how to tell them, yes, I can get you in top 3 and yet be sure I actually can.

  7. Mazen Mohammad
    Mazen Mohammad says:

    Hello again Luc, I have a quick question on Facebook; while trying to connect my FB BP to my Instagram BP via FB-Page-Settings>Instagram>Login I am getting the following error everytime:
    {"error_type": "OAuthException", "code": 400, "error_message": "Invalid redirect_uri"}.
    Appreciate your advice & help on this. Thanks a lot.

  8. uday pavan
    uday pavan says:

    Hey !

    My question may be be relevant, on 5th of March domain authority 2.0 has been launched. Can you make a video. What would be impact of this launch. And what should be on cautious about.. Please update on this


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