1 SEO tip that DOUBLES the size of your rankings (in 24 hrs)


SEO tips and techniques are a very popular topic for anyone who wants to learn SEO and get better Google rankings. In this latest SEO tutorial, I share with you …


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  1. Robert V
    Robert V says:

    Hmmm. Did this on 6 pages that met criteria. In 3 cases, it worked great! But the other 3 pages completely fell out of the search results. They don't even show up when I search for the specific url. They had been ranked in the 3rd or 4th positions locally. There are no errors in structured data. Pages are live. Just that Google seems to hate them now. Any idea why?

  2. hellocourage
    hellocourage says:

    Thanks! It does make a lot of sense to increase using faq schema. A quick question for you. By adding the schema code manually, would this conflict with yoast plugin that seems to have schema markup?

  3. The Vintage Brush
    The Vintage Brush says:

    A quick question to this. I'set it up again on other pages, one set of FAQs appeared again in 48 hours , but only once , now when I search the term the FAQs don't appear. Does Google randomise this additional FAQ block , or should it appear every time ? Id be really interested to know . Can you help

  4. Muhammad Hassan
    Muhammad Hassan says:

    Very useful as always Thanks, I Watched your video about some google search tricks I forget the title of the video but on that, you share a tip on how to find your competitor in 1 min by using some search string but I forget that can you please tell me that. or share with me a code string file Thanks.

  5. The Vintage Brush
    The Vintage Brush says:

    I'm hooked !!!!! 48 hours to show up on the 1st page ranking I had . This was a page with virtually no traffic . It's mug printing in a town of 50,000 how many ppl are looking ,really.??
    I watch a lot of seo stuff and this produced results unlike a lot of stuff aimed at bigger businesses. A lot of what is discussed is just too big picture. I want to know how to improve my customers sites Ie local builders, plumbers, electricians etc etc . When I can add additional value for them , I feel good about that. Thanks sign me up👍

  6. Android Mobile Games
    Android Mobile Games says:

    Another great one info but I want to know about Is FAQ structure data can help to increase organic traffic. Because if a user only read the question in your FAQ sec but not click or landed to your page.

  7. Barry Paffey
    Barry Paffey says:

    As ever a great video and very easy to follow. I have just one problem, when I put my web page in Google search console it came back as "URL not in property" "Inspect a URL in the currently selected property or switch properties". I'm not sure what's going on there?

  8. Daniele Zabrini
    Daniele Zabrini says:

    Hey man! Just wanted to say i follow many digital marketing YouTube channels and find yours to be one the most useful and well done! Straight to the point and always extremely useful tips for people struggling with their businesses on the web! Cheers from Italy!

  9. The Vintage Brush
    The Vintage Brush says:

    Well that was interesting and relayed in such a BS free manner. Am definitely adding this to the tool kit . In fact I'm going to do a couple of sites
    Then monitor them . Then use the results to sell the service to clients . Excellent video.


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