Do Yourself a Favor: STOP Trying to Rank #1 For Keywords on Google (SEO Strategy 2019)


Do yourself a favor: STOP Trying to Rank #1 For Keywords on Google // What if I told you that ranking number one on Google won’t necessarily make you more …


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  1. Neil Patel
    Neil Patel says:

    How many of you try to continue to try to rank number for a specific keyword? If that's you, leave a comment below with "Yes". If it's not you, leave a comment below with "No".

  2. Faiz Muhammad
    Faiz Muhammad says:

    hi Dear Neil Patel, I'm trying to bring my keywords in the first page but it's come in the second page and again drop back and I backlink with high DA, PA site but I'm still here can you please suggest me how can I get ranking for my client…..
    waiting for your great feedback

  3. kfir
    kfir says:

    Neil, what are you suggesting, is focusing on long tail? I had read that 80% of the clicks stay up to the top 5 on the organic search page, please could you explain.

  4. Andriy Haydash
    Andriy Haydash says:

    Hi Neil, thanks for amazing video again.

    Quick question: Is it a good idea to copy and paste my blog articles to Medium?
    It's easier to rank with Medium but I'm afraid that Google might treat this content as duplicate and punish my site.
    Or maybe there are other issues that I don't see with this approach.

    Thanks so much man!

  5. Muyiwa Osifuye
    Muyiwa Osifuye says:

    I had said this a long time ago!!
    Just address issues, let people be aware of them…whichever method you choose BUT not writing for Algorithms.

    SEO today isn't the way to go …to a large extent.
    Dont write for first page. Everybody does.
    Do what I said earlier.

  6. Mortuary Artist
    Mortuary Artist says:

    Hi Neil, thanks to your videos I am getting there. I have learned so much about SEO, rich snippets, backlinks etc. I have managed to get in the google map trio. I shall send you a link to my website ( if you don’t mind) on your site. Thanks for everything.

  7. Dezmond Abrams
    Dezmond Abrams says:

    Feels like I'm chasing this impossible goal with SEO/Keywords. Today we can say stop going for #1 rankings and then google totally make a algo change in couple months where we might have to go back working for rankings. Its frustrating sometimes lol. Thanks for your videos and knowledge always!

  8. Joydeep Mandal
    Joydeep Mandal says:

    Nope I don't write to rank I write article to provide knowledge to my readers,
    Yeah at first I gave priority to money then I realized providing values is more important.
    Loved this video ❤️
    Keep bringing more.

  9. Videnda Noor
    Videnda Noor says:

    I used google ads for 1 month and yesterday I stopped using it. It was such a waste of money. I believe it is waste of money for all start ups and small companies. Because you are almost always dominated by the bigger companies. I paid more than 200 $ on this one month. And my ad was always placed on the bottom of the second page of google search. I mean who has time and patience to go and click on the company name at the bottom of the second page of google search results. So I completely stoped my google ads and will put all my focus and energy on social media advertising. For small companies and start ups facebook/Instagram are much more affordable and your ad wont be as invisible as it is on google. I think it’s best to just build the SEO year after year organically with patience.

  10. Jorge A. Rodriguez JAR
    Jorge A. Rodriguez JAR says:

    Caricatures do not have massive searches on their own. I'm linking the cartoons with the news of the day. How can I make people interested in making cartoons? … My interest is to increase the number of visualizations.


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