Technical SEO Tutorial: 5 Simple SEO Tips for Higher Rankings


Technical SEO is critical for your site’s success. In this video, you’ll learn the basics of technical SEO and how to use that knowledge to improve things on your …


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  1. Mr. B Mondal
    Mr. B Mondal says:

    I want to show 6 post instead of 10 in my homepage, do i need to change only "Blog pages show at most" to 6 or i also need to change "Syndication feeds show the most recent" to 6 . Pls help

  2. Witches and Demons
    Witches and Demons says:

    These tips are helpful, but using your sister site to view my load time, it wouldn't provide me the information since I am not using a wp theme your Co. Approves of.

    I am using a free wp theme , but if this company is only going to analyze themes you favor, what is the point?

  3. Tax Action BK
    Tax Action BK says:

    Imagify (free vision) is my go to, but I need to stop being lazy and try to compress them myself using free online tools like tinypng.
    As for SEO, now that I have a better understanding I have moved over to "The SEO Framework", which is great. Yoast is the best starting point for beginners I would agree. Great Vid.

  4. Sany Ahmed
    Sany Ahmed says:

    Nice one mam. I would request you to check Rank Math instead of Yoast once. It's far better than Yoast now. Really appreciate your concern and keep posting informative content for us 🙂


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