Etsy SEO (How to become successful on Etsy SEO)


Etsy SEO: 5 Etsy Success Tips to get more sales on Etsy Welcome back everyone! In this Etsy help video, I’m going over 5 Etsy tips that will help you with your …


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  1. Alicia Silvestri
    Alicia Silvestri says:

    How do you categorize all of these duplicate listings? I want to try to optimize my SEO by doing this but I am worried that when a customer comes to my page and looks through things, it will be a turn off to see 4 of the same exact item. Any tips on this?

  2. samuel RiosCuevas
    samuel RiosCuevas says:

    I been a etsy seller for a year and some now and I seen hundreds of videos regarding etsy. I just want to say some of the things you say are real actionable tips that no one else out there is stating. Keep up the great job!!! Cant wait to see what's next😉

  3. Mellow
    Mellow says:

    You said look at the key words and adjust the tags and titles for those (in stats). How do you do that? Where are these keywords? Also there was a quick cutaway to a big graph. Where do we see that?

  4. Amy Giza
    Amy Giza says:

    Which specific types of changes to a Listing result in a "re-rank"? Is it only the Title change? Or do changes such as adding images, revising description, changing keyword tags, etc also cause the listing to re-rank in search results?

  5. D. Kitzerow
    D. Kitzerow says:

    I'm wondering about duplicating listings. Do you create a completely different listing title and tags? Or do you just rearrange the order of the keyword phrases in the title of the duplicated listing? Thanks

  6. 3M zodiac therapy
    3M zodiac therapy says:

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  7. Lady Gemologist
    Lady Gemologist says:

    Since I changed things around, using Marmalead..My shop stats have just died. I went from an active shop..over 100 views and shop visits to less than 50 views and maybe 20 visits. I'm freaking out completely…I should have duplicated the current listings with a new listing..and left the old ones alone. I'm going to duplicate now..and see if that makes a difference.


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