Millionaire White Hat SEO Shares His Secrets To Ranking #1 | Nathan Gotch (GOTCH SEO) Interview


Learn more: The title is not clickbait. Nathan is actually a very successful SEO and all of his services are “white hat” – at …


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  1. Darwin Jay Nuevo
    Darwin Jay Nuevo says:

    can I have a favor? could you guys do an actual video just to show us, beginners, how to do it step by step the off page Seo, and other tips, information, or in advance, for example, you have a client and he needs more backlinks to his website, and which gonna be the first thing to do if you were hired, thanks a lot.
    by the way a Good video, more power!

  2. mark job
    mark job says:

    Link bait is near on impossible!!! Contacts is what it should really be called . I have tons and tons of great content but it really does depend on who you know in the industry to get those links.

  3. Paul J McAuliffe
    Paul J McAuliffe says:

    Good Idea doing these Interviews with Top Ranked successful SEO guys. keep doing them get as a many Top Name guys as you can. Our buddy Daryl as you know does a lot of these, actually how I found Him..  Hey why don't you Interview Daryl & he can do you also…    I be Interested & sure your students will be. I have learned A LOT just listening to these type of Interviews. Don't like to read but love Videos like this     GREAT JOB BOOS KEEP IT UP       ME !!!!!


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