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Implement SEO in 45 Minutes – Practical SEO Tutorial 2019. Part 1 : Introduction to Digital Marketing: Please, …


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  1. Harry Rawat
    Harry Rawat says:

    Really sir it was very helpful to me …none of YouTuber share these kind of fundamental thanks allot sir you have cleared my all doubts … really appreciate now I can get into it very deep

  2. Harry Rawat
    Harry Rawat says:

    Sir is it similar to affiliate marketing SCO or there is something difference between digital marketing SCO and affiliate marketing SCO
    Please reply would be appreciated.

  3. Gunjan Anusha
    Gunjan Anusha says:

    It Feels like you are not teaching SEO, because you are just looking at Yoast Score. In 2019, Engagement is the key metric to rank for high competitive keywords not just SEO score.

    And If you teach the same, I am sure the quality of SEO professionals will go down over a period.

  4. Muhammad Ateeq Rafeeq
    Muhammad Ateeq Rafeeq says:

    Hi, If i wrote an article on 2012 , its publish date is from 2012, which is also visible on Google search result. But i updated that article in 2019 now Update date, is 2019 but google still shows publish date. While WordPress gives both data to Google. I read somewhere its not good you change the publish date. Or display update date as article date. What are your thoughts about that?


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