How Google's Panda Update Changed SEO Best Practices Forever - Whiteboard Friday


Google’s Panda update has permanently changed the way we do SEO. Rand discusses how Panda updates work and how SEO best practices are having to …


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  1. rah man
    rah man says:

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  2. Gorden Milton
    Gorden Milton says:

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  3. Marcos Norris
    Marcos Norris says:

    So does this mean SEO "specialists" just need to be good at creating an engaging website? If so, I feel like any creative person is capable of this. Why even hire an SEO specialist?

  4. Spook SEO
    Spook SEO says:

    If you are going to do something, it's only best to do it the right way. Many people try to trick search engines, particularly Google. Some may have gotten away with it but it doesn't mean everyone will. The bad thing is it will eventually catch up with you. With the updates Google has been making, they have grown smarter and smarter. People are always asking what they can do about this. The answer will always be to do it the right way. The results may be slower but they are more effective.

  5. Catherine Albert
    Catherine Albert says:

    Thanks so much for the education today, especially the part about Content Quality. Generating "WOW!" content is my current hurdle and I look forward to hearing more about how I can improve it.

  6. James Hobson
    James Hobson says:

    Rand – another excellent job! Thank you for your time to share your knowledge. This vid is one of two of my favorites for this year (Other is HOw Google's Panda Update Changed SEO).

    I am very interested in learning more of your thoughts on:
    1) methods of improving usage metrics
    2) on-page links, i.e. footer links, outbound links, body links, etc.


  7. Melissa Dever
    Melissa Dever says:

    Fabulous post Rand. Nice overview, really made sense. I love the philosophical changes coming from Panda. It makes perfect sense that we should be going back to loving the Googler by entertaining, informing and engaging on our website. Until now SEO always seemed like the Rainman of marketing, it was all about the math and the schedule but it freaked out if you tried to give it a cuddle. Yay for Panda!


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