Google's 11 Most Important Search Ranking Factors


In this video, Ricky discusses the most important factors that Google uses to rank blog posts. Google has over 200 ranking factors, but we narrowed the most …


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    BLOGER FEST says:

    * Good advice. PLEASE ANSWER THIS: WHAT tehnical setup is needed on site? Do we have to pay attention about duplicate tags or some tehnical code in head? We see much of the videos on channel and no where able to find answer, we will really appriciate your opinion on this. 🙂

  2. Monoperty
    Monoperty says:

    Really looking forward to hearing more about your new website theme and when it will be available. Thanks for the education, I'm now going to improve one of my blog posts and see what happens 👍

  3. GJ Fleming
    GJ Fleming says:

    Hello, regarding your comment about not using Facebook, why is that the case? I imagine posting links to the blog articles on facebook driving traffic back the site, especially to qualified followers is a good thing. Would these post links and the channel itself then not be valuable in some way? If that's not the case, can you please clarify why? Many thanks.

  4. GJ Fleming
    GJ Fleming says:


    Can you clarify a point in the talk regarding keeping content updated each year and not changing the permalink. It looks from the video you removed the date (2019) at the end of the permalink, but you say don't edit the permalinks. Should we keep permalinks date-agnostic, so they always remain neutral to time, but simply change the article title? What's the best way to do this, please? Thanks, Guys.

  5. Nancy Ulrich
    Nancy Ulrich says:

    Another extremely helpful, note-taking worthy video. Regarding duplicate content, Oscar Wilde said it best, "Be yourself, everyone else is taken." Authenticity makes authority interesting. Besides, Google's getting very good at sniffing out the copycats.

  6. Manu Gonzalez
    Manu Gonzalez says:

    Great video thanks. Sadly the strategy for internal links sounds more natural when you are not saying that "We rote a blog about" and link. I get your idea but is not really about getting people to click, only adding them will push the content already.

  7. Gabe Thoms
    Gabe Thoms says:

    Great to know. Too bad google can and does change things with no notice and without telling anyone. I think it is probably in everyone's best interest to try to do all of the ranking things if possible as what it the least important today could become the most important tomorrow.

  8. Daljit Singh
    Daljit Singh says:

    Totally agree with you guys. At Khalsa Website Designers we have been doing the same practices which you showed in the video from last few years to get the first rank.

  9. Monk
    Monk says:

    I found the content age and organization information tips to be the most helpful to me. I'm going to add a private policy to my website now.

  10. Money Tells
    Money Tells says:

    Hello, If content age should help to get ranking then how do we update the content. If the contents of a post has to be changed completely then we will not get back our rank?

    Please reply.

  11. Graham Cathcart
    Graham Cathcart says:

    Guys… Am sure I watched one of your videos and you suggested a web page that told you questions being asked on google search. I forgot the site name. Can anyone refresh my memory?

  12. zac Samu
    zac Samu says:

    Hello great video, I just got a quick question, I have a new blog site, with only 6 article's so far, my last article that I published last week got crawled and got query's but the keywords that it's been ranked for are wrong and nothing to do with my article, I have plenty of images, word count of over 2000 words, so not sure what's going on, would I get more keywords later in time etc.? Any ideas or advice ?

  13. Draw Technic
    Draw Technic says:

    Hi, in one of your videos that I watched recently, one of you advised to write shorter content to begin with so that it ranks in Google and then start writing longer form content. Can we not just start by writing longer content? And how long should the shorter form content be? About 1,200 words? Thanks


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