How To Rank Higher Than A Competitor On Google [EASY]


Learn more: Have you ever wondered, how can I rank higher than my competitor in Google? More specifically, how …


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  1. Cathy Bernard
    Cathy Bernard says:

    I understand better. My competitors backlinks are scary…. they have so many for the main keyword I'm targeting. With this new info, I'll go back to ahref and analyze further.

  2. Wayne Jordan
    Wayne Jordan says:

    This works for any authority site. even if the site isnt very relative to the original ref. domain. One must be talented in their writing skills to slowly over the length of article "comment" Make it relevant . catfish

  3. Wayne Jordan
    Wayne Jordan says:

    also do the same for all referring domains making sure you add your link in the article . now of those referring domains. go one step beyond and harvest a few links that those ref. are referred from. That spot is yours for the taking

  4. Wayne Jordan
    Wayne Jordan says:

    nice Video Ruan. Wanted to say that another way to get a solid backlink form CE Heat Loan is to research the articles on that page you want the link from. Read the articles and find the article thats pulling the most juice. Lets say You find a kick ass article even if its 800 words. Write a 900 word kick ass highly relevant article that no doubt will be shared in the comments. You will receive a link from it.

  5. David Murumbi
    David Murumbi says:

    I am currently ranking #3 for my city in SEO and #9 for another keyword for my city in SEO and I have 0 backlinks! I really would like to get some though to stay on top but I keep emailing bloggers and never get a response.. does anyone know a better way?
    Also just want to thank Ruan because I wouldn't be ranking on the first page for 2 keywords if it wasent for him love you man!

  6. john howard
    john howard says:

    Wow!! I really want to understand so much more.. even though I don't.. I can tell that your content is the epitome of what I should desire to learn and emulate.. now if I can just find a way.. thank you Ruan


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