Writing for SEO AND Persuasion: Tips for Balancing it Out


If you’ve got a website, writing for SEO can be tricky — especially when you’re also trying to write persuasively and convincingly to your customers.


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  1. ShawN shawN
    ShawN shawN says:

    good material again. I started redoing my website to flow better and have a summary page for the home page. I used to just have a product type video right on the home page. Makes sense to summarize the benefits, etc. of all pages on the front page with links to deep dive more.

  2. Daniel Russell
    Daniel Russell says:

    I have watched so many of your videos I feel like I know you. Thank you so much for the free content you provide brother. We are building our own site on Wix right now due to budget restraints using your guidance of course but hope to hire you by the end of this year 2019 to build the bad a** website we need to "succeed online". We are commercial Waterproofing contractors located in Nashville TN. Cant wait to have you build our site. Keep the great content coming Sir. Folks like us really really need your guidance.

  3. Sam Samo
    Sam Samo says:

    Hi, What is the best way to embed a YouTube Video on a landing page, do I need Json-Data, or just the easy way with iframe, what is the best way for SEO purpose? Thanks.

  4. Clement Darmadi
    Clement Darmadi says:

    Hi, Wes. This actually is actually i am working right now. I am in the process planning the homepage structure. I want my homepage to be SEO optimized while at the same time use copy writing that has high conversion by using persuasive sentence.

    I have a request for you to do a case study for a homepage (can be any website, i prefer other website than your web) that is a good model for seo & also has good persuasive content that highly converts.

    Sorry my english is bad 😂

    Because i was trying to look some good examples homepage and it was not easy.

    Thanks Wes.

    From Clement, Jakarta


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